How to Elope in Phoenix - Obtaining your Marriage License

Planning to Elope in Phoenix? First you will need to obtain your marriage license. Marriage Licenses are issued by the Superior Court of the State of Arizona, and are issued by each county.

  • Here is a list of courthouses in Arizona where you can obtain your license. The cost is $76.00

  • You must both travel together to obtain your marriage license, and bring valid identification

  • Once you have your marriage license, it can be valid same day for up to one year.

  • You may use the marriage license anywhere in the State.

  • You will need two witnesses over the age of 18 to witness and sign the marriage license.

  • A wedding officiant, minister, priest or Judge must perform the ceremony, validate the license and record the marriage within 30 days of the ceremony.  

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The Best Courthouse Alternative to Phoenix Arizona Wedding Elopement

Our "Keep it Short & Sweet!" Kiss and Go Package provides a simple 15 Minute Ceremony during non-prime times for Bride, Groom and 2 Witnesses. A great alternative to the Justice of the Peace, this package includes:

  • 15 Minute Ceremony Lakeside at Tempe Town Lake

  • Officiant for wedding ceremony

  • Validating of the marriage license

  • Mailing of the marriage license to the county

Perfect for the spontaneous, last minute couple who is ready to put a "ring on it!" 

Photography is *NOT* available for this package.

Kiss and Go Wedding Elopement Package $150